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Replacement HISENSE Remote Control EN-32962HS EN32962HS


Replacement HISENSE TV Remote Control EN-32962HS, EN32962HS.

Number on Remote Control:  EN-32962HS, also known as EN32962HS and 168285.

Suitable for HISENSE Models: HSL4229HDIP, HSL4829HDIP, HSL5529HDIP, HSL11929HDIP, HSLC5533HDI, HSLC6629HDI, HSL2629HDI, HSLC2629HDI, HSL8129HDI, HSL8168HDIP, HSLC4229HDIP, HSLC8129HDI, HSLC10128HDIP, HSLC10629HDI, HSLC13229HDI, HSLC11628HDIP, HL106V68PZ*, HSLC10668PHZ.

 PLEASE NOTE: The Hisense TV model HL106V68PZ has 2 different remotes depending on the serial number, this remote is correct for TVs with serial numbers BELOW HI9702500-L4205

 If the serial number is ABOVE HI9702500-L4205 you need the EN-31605A = http://www.tvremotes.com.au/hisense-remotes/original-hisense-remote-control-en31605a-en-31605a-1058564

 The HISENSE model number is usually on the back of your HISENSE product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is a replacement remote control for HISENSE EN-32962HS, EN-32962HS remote controls, it has all the major buttons and functions of the original HISENSE remote controls EN-32962HS and EN-32962HS.

No programming required, just add new batteries and the replacement remote control will operate your HISENSE TV.

Please check the button layout below to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

*Requires 2 x AAA Batteries*


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