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Original LG Remote Control AKB75075301 86SJ957T OLED65C7T

Original LG LED LCD TV Magic Remote Control AKB75075301.

Number on Remote Control:  AKB75075301. Also known as AN-MR650A

Suitable for LG Models: 43UJ634V, 43UJ654T, 43UJ654V, 49SJ800T, 49UJ634V, 49UJ654T, 49UJ654V, 49UJ752T, 55SJ850T, 55UJ634V, 55UJ654T, 55UJ654V, 55UJ752T, 60SJ850T, 60UJ634V, 60UJ654T, 60UJ654V, 65SJ850T, 65UJ634V, 65UJ654T, 65UJ654V, 65UJ752T, 75SJ955T, 75UJ657T, 86SJ957T, OLED55B7T, OLED55C7T, OLED65B7T, OLED65C7T, 43UJ634V.ANR, 43UJ654T.AAU, 43UJ654V.ANR, 49SJ800T.ANR, 49UJ634V.ANR, 49UJ654T.AAU, 49UJ654V.ANR, 49UJ752T.AAU, 49UJ752T.ANR, 55SJ850T.AAU, 55SJ850T.ANR, 55UJ634V.ANR, 55UJ654T.AAU, 55UJ654V.ANR, 55UJ752T.AAU, 55UJ752T.ANR, 60SJ850T.AAU, 60SJ850T.ANR, 60UJ634V.ANR, 60UJ654T.AAU, 60UJ654V.ANR, 65SJ850T.AAU, 65SJ850T.ANR, 65UJ634V.ANR, 65UJ654T.AAU, 65UJ654V.ANR, 65UJ752T.AAU, 65UJ752T.ANR, 75SJ955T.AAU, 75UJ657T.AAU, 75UJ657T.ANR, 86SJ957T.AAU, 86SJ957.ANR, OLED55B7T.AAU, OLED55C7T.AAU, OLED55C7T.ANR, OLED65B7T.ANR, OLED65C7T.AAU, OLED65C7T.ANR.

The LG model number is usually on the back of your LG product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is an Original Remote Control from LG, it is the same as the remote control supplied with your original LG product.

*Requires 2 x AA Batteries*

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