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Original PANASONIC Remote Control N2QAYB000122 TH50PX700A


Original PANASONIC LCD PLASMA TV Remote Control N2QAYB000122 now substituted to N2QAYB000496.

Number on Remote Control:  N2QAYB000496, which replaces N2QAYB000122 that is no longer available from PANASONIC.

Suitable for PANASONIC Models:  TH42PZ700A, TH50PX700A, TH50PZ700A, TH50PZ700AA, TH50PZ850A, TH58PZ700A, TH58PZ850A, TH65PZ700A, TH65PZ850A, TX32LXD700A, TX37LZD850A, TH-42PZ700A, TH-50PX700A, TH-50PZ700A, TH-50PZ700AA, TH-50PZ850A, TH-58PZ700A, TH-58PZ850A, TH-65PZ700A, TH-65PZ850A, TX-32LXD700A, TX-37LZD850A

The PANASONIC model number is usually on the back of your PANASONIC product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is an Original Remote Control from PANASONIC, it is the same as the remote control supplied with your original PANASONIC product.

*Requires 2 x AA Batteries*

Please note that the original PANASONIC N2QAYB000122 remote control is no longer available from PANASONIC and that we are supplying the original PANASONIC N2QAYB000496 remote control as a substitute.

The original PANASONIC remote control N2QAYB000496 has all the same buttons and functions of the original PANASONIC N2QAYB000122 remote control, some buttons are in different positions.

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